I can’t see you.  I don’t know you, but I called your business because I need your particular services.  You answered your phone by saying “Hello?” 

In that one second, I have tried to determine:

  • if you are legitimate
  • if I have dialed the right number
  • is this someone I want to do business with

While ‘Hello’ is the most common way to answer your phone, it may not be the first impression you want give to a potential customer.  A lot of small businesses just starting out use their personal cell phone as their business phone.  This makes sense -who can afford two different phones?  I know I can’t.  Using your personal phone creates a dilemma –   knowing how to answer the phone when it’s a personal call vs. when it’s a business call.  “But that’s easy..”, you say, “…I can see who the caller is on my phone.”  True, but we have all been in the middle of something and answered the phone without looking, “Hello?”  What about if a customer calls and you are on the phone – personal cell phone voicemail?  It works, but again,  you are just left wondering.

A virtual phone system can help solve many of those awkward answering moments and put your customers at ease.  “Welcome to ABC company…” in a professional voice tells me a lot in that one second.  I have reached the right place, this company sounds legitimate, and it makes me a little more confident about doing business with someone I haven’t met.  A virtual phone system answers calls the same every time even if you are on the phone or somewhere you don’t have cell service.

InteliPhone can give you that leg up and a professional first impression for less than a cost of a postage stamp a day.  Don’t take my word for it, call us and hear it for yourself.  You will won’t catch us answering, “Hello?”