So many times I have heard that our competitors offer unlimited minutes.  Really!?  After hearing this a few times, I wondered if I had been out of touch with what my industry was doing and where it was going.  “How is it,” I asked myself,  “can they afford to do this?”

Now, I admit that I am not a Warren Buffet, but when I looked at the financials of attempting unlimited minutes I saw a losing proposition.  Minutes cost money, albeit pennies, but in this industry pennies add up quickly. Who specifically, is doing this?  I did my due diligence and scoured providers – maybe there was a company giving away free minutes that I didn’t know about.  My search came up empty.

I had to take another approach.  I began by looking at their  Terms of Use Policies.  I quickly understood what was happening.  It IS unlimited if you fit the “Reasonable Use Policy”.  In fact, unlimited was actually in quotes (What does that mean anyway?).  So it’s “unlimited” unless you run too much traffic, and then you run the risk of violating the reasonable use policy.  That’s how companies can “claim” that they offer unlimited (rather “unlimited”) minutes.  I guess I was always brought up to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Bottom line:  “Pull back the curtain” and read the Terms and Conditions, because you may find that “unlimited” is really limited.