Woman on laptop screen and old rotary phone

Should you hire Live Operators to answer your phone or use a virtual answering service?

In trying to solve this problem for our customers, we kept a few principles in mind.

1. Most people trust automated solutions for simple tasks (ie. prescription refills, account balances, tracking shipments).

2. Most people do not make a major decision to purchase a product or service without talking to someone first.

3. In the tight economy, small business owners are leery of any major capital expenditures.

With this dilemma and these principles  in mind, we developed our Live Operator “Blended PBX” approach to answering your phone calls.  InteliPhone blends together the best of automated systems and live operators.  So simple tasks can use the automated system (saving you money) and Live Operators (or better yet – you or your employees) for those times when people need to talk to someone prior to committing.  We developed an online control panel, and free smartphone apps, that let you decide when and how to make our live operators ‘available’ to your callers.  Giving you the capability to add extra an extra employee, but only when you need it.

For instance, you can activate an ‘Operator’ menu option based on time of day or day of week. Activate zero out capabilities on a per mailbox basis to allow certain callers to reach an operator when they feel the need is urgent. Additionally, you can override your pre-programmed schedule at any time to cover holidays, emergencies, meetings, vacations, etc.  You can even share operator responsibilities by assigning operator calls to your staff, when they are available, and to our live call center when they are not.

Our professional, US based operators will greet your callers with your company name and a script you’ve written. They can answer basic questions, provide directions, and take urgent messages for your business and employees — as though they were sitting at your own reception desk.

For more information call 800-680-8306 or http://www.inteliphone.com/liveoperators.html