Avoid the hardware hassle with InteliPhone's Single NUmber Service


If you are running a small business odds are the telephone is the life line for your business. Take a moment and think what you would do if your phones stopped working? Not a pretty picture. You can manage, but it would make running your business much more complicated.  The same complications may occur if you use a single cell phone. Sure you can route your second simultaneous call to voicemail, but what about the third, fourth or fifth?  This is where a virtual answering service can help.

InteliPhone’s Single Number Service can answer multiple simultaneous calls, routing each one specifically as you want, whether to different employees, voicemail or even live operators.  You can customize a script to record key presses or spoken information.  Our Single Number Service can also serve as a automatic backup contingency in the event your lines stop working.

If you are ready to look into an answering service to handle the front end or to be there as a backup, check out http://www.inteliphone.com or call 800-680-8306.