In business since February, 2000, Emergence Corporation designs, develops, markets, and supports Computer Telephony, smartphone, and Integrated Web applications for business. Emergence Hosted IVR applications, which include InteliPhone™, integrate the latest technologies to deliver next-generation turnkey business applications.

Emergence Corporation opened for business on February 23, 2000 with two programmers, a Dell server and a dream. Our business plan focused on developing custom IVR solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Soon, project work dictated spending more time out of the office than in and we quickly found we couldn’t keep up with the phone. We tried using cell phones, but they always seemed to ring at the wrong time. And forwarding messages to each other was impossible. Even telephone company voice mail had its drawbacks. We could only receive new message notification when we were in the office.

Looking for a solution, one weekend in May, we designed and built our first automated answering system. It was so successful, our customers wanted one, too. Later that year, vDirector was born.

Now in its 10th year, and fourth generation, InteliPhone™ serves thousands of users just like us. We’ve built a fully redundant, business class hosting platform which brings reliable, affordable hosted IVR service to small and medium sized businesses at a fraction of the cost of stand-alone service.