Call analytics can tell you a lot about your customers and about how they respond to your advertising. Call analytics can also help you get the most bang for your buck with your advertising budget.

Analytics are normally associated with measuring website statistics. They became main stream with the arrival of Google Analytics®. But websites are not the only communication medium businesses depend on, most businesses rely the medium that is the easiest to use – the phone. Remarkably, many businesses do not track the phone call information in terms of customer communication. That is understandable, tracking phone call information can be tedious, and take up a lot of time often yielding little in the way of useful information.

InteliPhone automatically creates and tracks your call analytics for you – nothing for you to do except look at the results and use them. Know what demographic responds to your ads, products and services. Know when customers respond or use the data to determine when you may need to add staff.

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